Dear Toefl candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our school.
Here is some info about the iBT Toefl test.

  1. First you open an account or profile on
  2. Then you buy a voucher from Sibawaih and pay the fees in local dinars if you do not have a credit card to pay ETS direct via your account in US dollars.
  3. Register for the test at the date and location of your choice.

Opening an account

To register for the test, you must first create a profile or account on . It is absolutely vital that you create such an account or profile because you will need it to register, to train online once, and to receive your Internet score after the test.
Here are the steps:
You can see on the top right hand corner: Open my iBT account. Click.
A new page appears. Since you do not yet have an account, you click on NEW USER. Three pages will open: Fill each one carefully.

A couple of things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Make sure you use no accents for the ‘e’ or the ‘a’ or the ’u’ and no ‘ç’.
  2. For your address, do not translate ‘rue’ into ‘street’ or anything of the sort. Just write it the usual French way.
  3. For your password, a combination of capital letters, small letters and numbers and is required. I suggest the first three letters of your family name in CAPITAL LETTERS, the first three letters of your first name, also called ‘given name’ in small letters and the calendar year (or your year of birth) for the numbers. For me that would give something like BERkem2018.
  4. Very important: Make sure your family name (nom de famille) and your given name (prénom) as well as your date of birth match exactly what appears on the identification document you will present on test day.

How to pay for the test
The fees stand currently at US$205 or DZD46.000. But they may change when you register. Please check.
If you have access to a credit card in US$, you can use it to register. Otherwise, you choose voucher.
The voucher is a note with a number containing 16 digits that you feed into the appropriate slot as a final step of your registration for the test.
The voucher you can buy from Sibawaih Oran (041 83 18 90) or Sibawaih Tlemcen (043 27 45 45).
You can

  1. come and collect the voucher yourself, or
  1. send someone to collect the voucher on your behalf, or
  2. pay 46.000.00 dinars to SENOUCI BEREKSI Kemal Eddine CCP 169640 clé 51 and email a scanned copy of the receipt to the email below.

In this case, as soon as the money is paid into our account, we will send you a copy of the voucher via the email address you used to send us the CCP scanned copy of the receipt.
How to register for the test
Open your account using your username and password.
Click on Register for a Test and go on from there.
Highlight TOEFL Test. Click Continue.
You come to Page: Important Registration Information.
At the bottom of the page, tick the box x  I agree to the terms and condition described above as well as the ETS Terms of Useand Privacy and Security Policy. Then click Continue.
Choose the Country/Location, in our case: Algeria; then the region: Oran. Then choose a Start Test Date and an End Test Date (the two dates must not be more than 60 days apart) and click SEARCH. On the bottom of the page (you need to scroll down), you will see the dates available for iBT Tests in which you could take part. Click the date you choose. You then get a Reservation Summary. If the information is correct, you click Continue.  You move to Enter Identification  (ID) Information. You choose Passport, OR National ID, OR Driver’s License and select the country (Algeria) and enter the number of the appropriate document. Please note that if you are not Algerian, the only acceptable document is your passport. Click Continue.
You come to Score Reporting Preferences: Only Online in your ETS account. Or Both Online and a paper copy. Confirm that you want your score both online and by post, if that is what you want. Click Continue.
You move to SCORE RECIPIENT, i.e. institutions which you would like ETS to send your score to. Look for the Institutions of your choice: up to four. If none, you can skip this section by clicking SKIP.
You move then to DEMOGRAPHIC SECTION. Two questions, preceded by an * are mandatory and must be answered. The others are optional and can be ignored. Click Continue.
You come to a page entitled TOEFL Search Service. You can click Yes if you wish to participate or No if you do not wish to participate. Click Continue.
You move to an offer to buy books. You can skip this section if you wish by clicking SKIP unless you wish to buy books and CDs from ETS in US dollars.
You move after that to a page Order Summary summarizing your choice of date, country, city and time. The amount due is currently $205. You CONFIRM if everything is correct.
You are asked then to Select your Payment Method, that is how you wish to pay: E-payment or voucher?
If you have a credit card, click Electronic Payment and follow the procedure.
If not, you click Voucher. You click Continue. You then insert the 16 digits inside the slot named Voucher Number, click Continue and wait for a few seconds.
You are informed that you are officially a candidate for the test to be administered at the date you selected.
N.B. The paper copy of your score can take from one to three months to reach you, sometimes more.
Please note that it is outside Sibawaih’s responsibility as there is nothing Sibawaih can do about it.

Test Dates
Our Facebook page Ecole de Langues Sibawaih and our website show the various dates available. We also advise you to visit the official ETS website: please Control + Click the link below and select the country (Algeria) to see the official testing cities, dates and fees for the upcoming months.

Deadline: Please bear in mind that registration closes seven business days before your test date.

Free Test Preparation:
You can also buy a CD that will help you train and become familiar with the actual testing process.


Test Locations
You can take the Toefl test at Ecole de Langues Sibawaih in Oran, the only authorized iBT TOEFL administration center in the western part of Algeria. Our address is in Gambetta, 7 Rue Djamel Eddine El Afghani, ex rue de Picardie, Oran 31005.  Or else you can GPS Sibawaih Ecole de Langues Oran and Google will guide you step by step. There are three other Toefl centers. They are located in Algiers, Constantine and Setif. 

Cost of the test
The fees stand currently at US$205 or DZD46.000. They may vary at very short notice. You are advised to call the Toefl center to be informed of the fees at the time of registration.


Duration of the test
The test takes about four to four and a half hours, usually from 09:30 to approximately 13:30 or 14:00. We ask you however to come to Sibawaih at 08:30 for the check-in procedures.


Maximum Toefl score is 120, or 30 points per skill.
You receive your scores in your ETS account or profile ten to fifteen days after the test by clicking VIEWSCORE in the opening page of your ETS account. You will also receive paper scores by post at a later date if you asked for that option when registering.


A final word
When you register for the test, you should bear in mind that the Toefl certificate is valid for a maximum of two years. Should you need any further clarification, please feel free to write or call.
Once again, thank you for choosing Sibawaih.

K. E. S. Bereksi,

TOEFL Administrator
IMPORTANT: Please note that the information in has precedence over the information included herein.

Contact:                 cell phone: 05 52 67 21 21



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