What is Sibmag?

Sibmag is a publication for and by language teachers and students of foreign languages from within and without Sibawaih Language School. It is and will be what we will make it, all of us.
Sibmag carries news, upcoming events, as well as news from the latest professional journals of concern to teachers and students of foreign languages. Sibmag makes it possible to provide an opportunity for non-native speakers to be informed and to express themselves.

The inaugural issue was published in May 2003. Since, seven issues have been published at irregular intervals (from issue 0 to issue 6) which you can find in our archives. And then, there was complete silence. But now we want to give Sibmag a new life and we rely on all of you to participate by airing and sharing your experiences, your worries, your success stories, your readings, your questions, your favourite websites, all those things that teachers worth their salt are interested in throughout their careers.

Flipping through the pages of the seven past issues will we hope trigger in you that desire to express yourselves. So get on reading, and then on to your keyboards and send whatever you believe could be of interest to students or/and to teachers to sibawaih@usa.net at your earliest convenience.



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Ecole Primaire

L'école primaire Sibawaih accueille les élèves à partir du pré-scolaire et jusqu'à la cinquième année du cycle primaire. A juste titre, nous nous enorgueillissons de nos 100% de succès à l'examen de fin de cycle.


SIBmag, disponible en ligne, offre un forum de discussion aux enseignants et aux étudiants de Sibawaih et d'ailleurs..


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