The Visit of The Ambassador

His Excellency Henry S. ENSHER came to visit the Access students from Tlemcen and Oran at Sibawaih Oran last Saturday May 26th. He arrived at 02:30 as planned. After visiting the Registration center and having a look at our Placement Test, he met with some teachers and the Admin staff where views were aired and shared and cross-fertilized. 
The Ambassador then went on to see the Access students. He observed the end of a lesson, in actual fact a short play The most amazing act in the world performed by a mixed team from Oran and Tlemcen: the performers were selected at random by our guests from the US Embassy. The Ambassador then asked the class a few questions about and around the play.
Followed a short presentation by Ibtissem Sidhoum, the YLP laureate who explained the various steps she went through before being finally chosen to visit the US this Summer as a member of the Youth Leadership Program. This is the fourth time students are selected from Sibawaih to take part in this program.
A short quiz on US culture and history followed. It was prepared and presented by Nour el Houda Mesbahi. The audience was divided into two teams. Each team was made up of local and visiting students. Team A won because they managed to answer 7 questions as opposed to 5 by the B team. But they all had great fun and learned a lot.
The final part was a short play Shakespeare's House performed by four blossoming actors who did a truly splendid job. Mr. Henry S. Ensher, the other two guests from the Embassy, Nicole and Amel, and the rest of the audience laughed their heads off while watching the play.
The Ambassador then was kind enough to answer some students' questions. He was most delighted with his visit and impressed by the quality of our students' English. Our guests left at 16:15 after some photos were taken and pins handed out to the students.
It is my turn to say how really proud I am: you were a credit to Sibawaih. Congratulations one and all on a job well done.  You were absolutely great, even more than I anticipated. A big kiss and hug to the girls and a strong handshake to the boys.

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Ecole Primaire

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